scored a 40 head, intake,& header. have ques

scored a 40 head, intake,& header. have ques


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Alright so I helped a buddy pull the blown motor on his 97 TJ and I got the head, intake and header for the hauling. So my question is this: I want to loose the mpi and stay with a carb. Short of ordering an offy or clifford intake what are my options? I have been reading up on the net, but seems can get conflicting. So I figured I would come to thise that would know the best
A 4.0 head needs a 4.0 intake.

How about a adapter for whatever carb you want to use?

I found the right one for the Holley throttle body at Summit for my 92 head swap.

ok so I finally just finished the complete thread on coldair's 4.2 build. He said that a 4.2 intake will work on a 4.0th minor mods. I will have to be on a hunt for a clifford or offy intake that I can adapt to a MC2100. I guess if I had read that thread I wouldn't be typing now.

I put my 4.2 intake on the 4.0 head but it has to be an aluminum intake and not one of the earlier cast iron ones. I also put studs in the head to replace the manifold bolts, makes the whole project a lot easier. in the above picture you can see the outline of the intake on the gasket, this will help with the grinding of the intake you will have to do to make it line up with the ports. you don't have to remove a lot.

your going to need a few bridge washers that are bigger than the ones you have I used a piece of 1 1/2" cold rolled I found, cut 3/16" slices on the band saw and drilled to fit the stud.

a little more advice, assemble the head and manifolds and torque everything as needed before setting it on the block. it is a lot easier than putting it all together on the motor in the Jeep. I had my head welded but I think the JBWeld thing will do the job, just a matter of preference. I cut the heads off a couple of 1/2" bolts that were an inch longer than the head bolts to help align the gasket and head as it sets down. Don't try this alone, this is heavy and awkward. use a hoist or, as I do, call your bro over for a beverage, run a chain from two valve cover bolts and run a 2x4 stud through it. him on one end and you on the other. Hopefully you are both at least 6' tall.:D
Thanks IO. Those pics told me exactly what I needed to know. So now I need to be on the hunt for an intake and i'll be ready for a new project.
It kinda excites me to know that I can do that. I know it probaly seems wierd to stay with a carb and not MPI, but I like simplicity.

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