Seat Belts

Seat Belts


Brandon, Ms
1981 CJ-7
In preperation for my spray in liner, I am taking out the roll bar and seat belts. Got the passenger belt unscrewed from the tub (T-50) but I can't get the buckles off the floor, nor the drivers side belt off the tub. All use a T-50 torques bit and I have broken 2 of them. I have used almost a 1/4 can of PB let them sit for a bit and tried, then I shot them up while turning, thats when I broke one of the bits.

Any suggestions?? I would cut them off, but I am afraid I wouldn't be able to extract them then.
When they get like that, the only thing I know to do is put the heat to them.
Use a small bottle torch to heat them up, I then use canned air turned upside down to freeze the bolt quick after being heated, it'll break them loose.

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