85 CJ 7 Straight 6, currently being lifted and tuned.
I am going with aftermarket seats for comfort (85CJ7), give me some ideas, thanks.
comfortable after market seats? Let me know what you find. I never found any.

I am going with aftermarket seats for comfort (85CJ7), give me some ideas, thanks.
I recently replaced old lowback seats in my CJ5 with the fixed-back Bestop TrailMax II seats. They sit a bit too high for me, but I expect they'll settle down with more use. I recently took a 5 hour road/trail trip and was backache free. I paid about $300 for the pair (delivered) using the discount at Jeep Seats and Accessories From Bestop, Rugged Ridge, Corbeau and Smittybilt (Enter JEEPCJ at checkout for 10% off). For my needs and budget, I'm happy with the purchase.
Bestop seat that recline. super comfortable
My mastercraft seats are quite comfy! could stay in the saddle for hours if needed. They are for small frame people though(at least the Baja model I have). Me 150 and happy, the wife 100 and happy, heavy loads would probably not be as happy:D. A CJ is no limo and to even fit a large seat into one would be tough. Concider a diet?
Well the factory ones are not comfortable at all. Would like a recline model witrh some back support. Also where can I find the rear seat brackets?
The Jeep I just bought has Nissan Pickup high back seats in them. They are actually pretty comfortable.
im looking for yj seats. heard they are alot better and no mods to get them in.
I wish I know where mine came from...They are comfy as heck on trips, but I have no clue where to replace them at. I found the entire drivers seat underframe is very rusty tonight. I hope I can salvage them and arrest the rust. If not, I will be looking for a new set myself.

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