shattered front locking hub...

shattered front locking hub...


1983 CJ7 -258 cid strt 6. I did the 4.0 head swap #7120 casting head ported & polished, Offenhauser manifold, Holley truck avenger carb 4BBL jetted down to 270 cfi, Pacesetter headers, Magniflow exaust,Be Cool aluminum radiator w/ flocooler water pump, Powermaster HO alternator- TFI Juicebox ignition upgrade, 6" lift ,37 inch TrXus R/T tires, Superior one-piece chrome moly axles on dana 20 rear. 4.56 gear ratio, custom front quarter panel fenders done by me, 6" GENRIGHT rear tube fenders, Warn Dualforce 9500 winch mounted on Warn front stubby bumper, Olympic reverse nerfs, Corbeau Baja XRS seats w/ 4 point retractable seat belts and Hela Baja lighting. CB radio with P.A. Tube cage doors
I shattered my drivers side locking hub this weekend. It is the original 83 part, now all the pieces are still inside and I planned on an upgrade anyway but this happened about 90 miles away from my home. My question is will I be safe to drive it home-on the freeway that is. My concern is the possible loss of bearings and doing further damage along the way. FYI- Dana 30 front end and it did twist to unlock 4wd. :confused: Thank you for any input on this mess. P.S. I just want to add that the housing is cracked in two places.
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If it rotated to the unlocked position, you should be fine. To check, place t case in 2wd and unlock other hub. Rotate tire or turn axle by spinning the U joint at the knuckle, by hand. If it doesn't drag or try to turn the tire, your good. You could just unbolt the remains as it has nothen to do with keeping your tire on or the wheel bearings tight.
your hub is held in with a nut and a locking one outside that
the locking nut is just how it is engaged or released. you can rub without the locking mechanism as it will be disengaged. make sure all the broken parts are removed and the main hub is not damaged.
As I recall warn hubs have a life time warranty. Of course if you hit it with a large rock and cracked it that may be a point of contention.
Thanks everyone! I just want to say I poured over Chilton's and I kinda figured that it would be ok to drive home. Cheepjeep85 doesnt everyone love duct tape? I think duct tape and velcro are the 2 best things to come from NASA!

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