She lives!!!!

She lives!!!!


el paso, tx
'78 CJ5 - 258 cu inline 6, T-18 trans 5 spd,
'10 Wrangler V6
I just wanted to post that we have ressurected our baby:D:D I replaced the fuel pump, cleaned the ignition coil, replaced the spark plug wires, and cleaned the distributor and rebuilt the carberator; she is running good, but she running very hot. The alternator is extremely hot to touch, the engine is very hot also to touch. Also, pretty much all the stuff under the hood is pretty hot to touch. My wife claims that older jeeps are like that, and she is pleading her case for an engine cooler. I'm trying to see her angle on it though:popcorn:Anyways just wanted to post that we got our baby running again. Thank you for all of the insight that many of you have posted to me, it helped very much:notworthy: Now all that is left to do is replace the wiring harness, put a stereo in her, give her a clean paint job, and she should be road worthy:jeeplove:
Congrats on getting it going... I would put an aftermarket temp gauge on that CJ so you could get and accurate reading of the temperature. :)

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