shift rod and output shaft shift fork issues

shift rod and output shaft shift fork issues


el paso, tx
'78 CJ5 - 258 cu inline 6, T-18 trans 5 spd,
'10 Wrangler V6
Somehow in our process of putting the transfer case back together the shift rod output shaft fork and the front output shaft shift fork have expanded and are not fitting properly. I have called around for new parts and am having no luck. I call Novak and they said I could convert to a twin stick shift rod but they had no solution for the shift forks. Does anyone have any ideas?
~~~ the front output shaft shift fork have expanded and are not fitting properly. ~~~
HUH? :) :confused:

Can you elaborate on 'expanded'... They are metal and don't really expand... :)

Are you sure your just not having trouble getting the interlocks correctly placed so the rods will fit (what transfer case)? I have seen MANY people throw many tools across the garage when they couldn't get them installed... They can be VERY frustrating!
Yes I know that metal doesn't expand, but somehow the forks pushed out to not fit into the shaft rods. We grinded both items down a little bit and it worked. All put back together and will be complete by today, pending any further complications. I didn't think that putting the transfer case back together would have been much of an issue, but after 8 hours, plenty of alcohol and big smiles we did it. Now today we will assemble everything back to the undercarriage and hopefully no more issues, but there will still be plenty of alcohol :chug:
OMG you didn't really take a grinder to them to make them fit? I hope I'm misunderstanding something.:confused:
We took a die grinder to the ends of the shaft rods, very minimal btw too, just enough to where the fork was able to slide on without having to use force. After assembling it there was no issues with it too. Since the vehicle was disconnected for so long I wasn't able to start it last night. Going to the store today and getting an optima and new post cables just to make sure we have good connectivity. We decided not to overhaul the transmission seeing that the gears looked good and the clutch was in tact. All that is left now is to replace the battery hope she starts and then upgrade the carburator to a 2 barrel. By the end of today I will be very content if she is running. I'll post pics later after completion.

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