Show me your exhaust setups! V8 only

Show me your exhaust setups! V8 only


Livermore, CA
1973 CJ5, 304, 4.27 Dana 30 Front, 4.27 Dana 44 Rear, 2 1/2" Lift, 33x12.5x15 Pro Comp M/Ts
Did a search but didn't find a lot of pictures. So if you can, please post up pictures of your exhaust routing! Stock manifolds, fenderwell headers and inside the frame headers. I want to see it all!

I'm planning on going with inside the frame longtubes, just haven't decided if I want to go true duals or a single 3" setup. Thanks guys!
I really see me doing something similar. I'll keep stock manifolds I think and then do a single 3" out the back in the stock locations for the most part.
Got some good ones with the tub off in my profile pics.
I dont have have any pictures, but I went with true dual exhaust...straight back passing through glasspacks and straight to each corner. Its clean, sounds great, and makes it simple to listen to both banks in the event of a combustion issue (diagnosis)

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