Slight Parking problem

Slight Parking problem


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
Its like that game where you have to move the car thru the parked vehicles to get out of the parking lot...

Anyone else collect pint-size Jeeps?

Nope, I don't. That's a pretty cool little collection of Jeeps you've got. But I think you need a Golden Eagle :D

:laugh: if I see one for sale, you better believe I will get it! We added 3 to the collection just yesterday out of Wally-World.

See that bigger one on the right side with the A/A gun behind it? That one came out of the UK, I guess there was a very Limited amount made. The gun actually shoots projectiles, but I don't have them.:(
When I was a little kid I had a bunch of them. I would sneak them into bed at night, scrunch up the blankets and go wheelin on the hills. :) Somehow, they all got away from me over the years :( I wish I still had them.
my daughter buys one diecast jeep everytime we go to the local jeep store. she is getting a nice collection going. here is what i bought for both of us. the one in the link is not mine but you get the idea.

4x4 Icon - Nylint Rock Crawler
added a Johnny Lightning CJ5 to the stable today :)

I have a couple RC rigs, but they aren't in the class of that icon. It looks pretty cool.

I also collect scale tow trucks and rigs...I don't have as many of those tho.
I probably have AMC 150 -200 misc other scale cars/trucks. Some of them are OOPS packaging. Meaning they are mis-labeled or upside down or sideways in the package. I always looks for those, no matter what type they are.
I've built several RC jeeps using nylint bodies and those old GI Joe jeeps Like the big one on the top left in your pic. I only used bodies that had parts missing or cracks.
I have a couple nice ones in the garage and some real GI Joes.

Check ebay for GI Joe Jeep. Or The movie Sahara Jeep.

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