Slow turn signal blinking

Slow turn signal blinking


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
Hi yall,

I've noticed that when my lights are on, the turn signals blink much slower. I live in the south so things are naturally a bit slower down here, which is nice.

I would like to know if this symptom indicates that something wrong or about to die.

You might not be getting enough voltage to the flasher, possibly a weak connection somewhere. I would start at the source, with the engine running you should be getting around 14 volts at the battery.
I have the exact same thing, it's almost like it isn't going to blink, then it does. Got it inspected and it still passed, but he mentioned it. Blinks fine during the day though.

I replaced the battery last week and didn't change. I need to pull the dash and check my wiring, my dash lights don't come on anymore, which makes night driving exciting. :)

Post if you find something and I will do the same.
Both you guys could be loosing volts at the fuse box along with weak connections somewhere. In my case, I disconnected the sense wire (The red one that doesn't go to the relay) at the back of the alternator and connected it to the hot line at the gas gauge. Now I get full voltage (14.5 volts) at the dash. Bad grounds are another common culprit, this can be checked with a jumper wire from the battery ground.

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