Smittybilt Rear Bumper Adapter

Smittybilt Rear Bumper Adapter


Portsmouth, VA
1984 Jeep CJ7 T176, Dana 300, Bored and Stroked 258ci L6, 2 BBL Carb, dana 30 front and AMC 20 rear 3.73 gears.
I am trying to find out if the smittybilt rear bumper adapter is worth it to put any yj bumper on a cj since they have such a larger selection for that model year and on.
Ya know, I talked to a SBilt. tech guy last summer and he told me they were working on an adapter plate so their yj bumpers could be used on Jeep frames, and that it was about 60-90 days out for release. I have yet to see it but I noticed in the most recent 4WDInc catalog the had a front bumper adapter for CJ's.
I don't know what the thing looks like for the rear, but I went ahead and got the bumper and modified my new TDK frame to make it work.

It was mostly just drilling new holes and the bottom strap doesn't line up with the wider yj frame rails. They include a template (shown in pic) which helped somewhat. The one hole is only halfway on the rear crossmember but they supply plates for the backside.

Can't figure out why they left the ends of the bumpers open. It'll be like a mud scoop. I'll be welding it shut.
Well they show on the website that they have a rear bumper adapter but it only shows up for the XRC rear bumper and not the classic which i think is a better look for a mild offroader. I have messaged them numerous times but have yet to hear back from them about wether it is usuable for all yj bumpers due to the difference in frame width between the CJ and YJ. Thanks for the photos PARenegade i do agree on the open ends definately a design flaw i feel.
As far as I know from what Smittybilt has said they are trying to get them out by this month or next as they were still in development when the were posted as available which I was upset about and informed them dont make something available to by if its not even through development yet and the tech apologized but I am definitely getting them when they are out.

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