Soft top framework ?

Soft top framework ?


Tri-Cities , TN.
1977 Jeep CJ5 AMC 304 T-150 Dana 20 Dana 30 AMC 20
1988 Jeep Comanche 6cyl. AW4 Dana 30 Dana 35
1st CJ to me its a 77 I have had for about 2 weeks or so and I am in the process of fixing the po's mistakes and rounding up missing parts , I think I am missing a few pieces for the top , It does have a new best top top on it but it looks like im missing something from the windshield that may attach to one of the rear bars and drop down to the body maybe for the door handle to latch to ? right now the door latches to just the top material which cant be right , I dont know anyone with a CJ to take a look and was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction ?
Thanks for the link IO and I looked but dont see them as part of the replacement top , I am missing the vertical bars that seem to be hinged in the pics that bolt to the body and go straight up on the driver and pass entry of the rear portion of the tub I believe the door handle catches them and they connect to a bar that runs forward into a plastic mount attached to the top of the windshield frame corners that have a hole that they go into , anyone know where I might be able to purchase them if available ?

this is the installation and parts list PDF, found it on a Morris 4x4 page. Go figure.

this is the latch for the door, quite literally, a PITA.

This is the vertical part you are talking about??

this is the profile of the part and the cleat it fits into.

the vertical part looks to be a part of the bow assembly, one on each side. I had to buy the door strikes and the nut and bolt kit when I got my top used and they had no problem selling them to me. This was a while ago so maybe things have changed. I do know that you can not buy a replacement canvas for the CJ5 you have to buy the whole top.
Those are the pieces im missing IO and the pieces above that that go to the windshield , I'll check out Morris , Thanks again
I do know that you can not buy a replacement canvas for the CJ5 you have to buy the whole top.

Not sure about the older models but 76-83 models can still be had.
I think they call it 'Tiger Top' or used to anyhow, I bought my last one five years ago, just the skins, it requires factory hardware.

Bestop Replace-A-Top Black 51117-01

I recently put a hardtop on my 77 CJ5. Theres a post on it here:

I had to reuse the plastic pieces that run up the sides of the windshield frame but have the top and down rods that frame the door openings your talking about, and after 30 years of riding in a tent at 50 miles an hour, rain snow or shine, NEVER intend to put that soft top on it again! lol (Just one of them rollbar bikini tops)

Let me know if you can use them.
I tried to reply to your pm Diggerdirect , Be glad to pay for shipping and your time , My zip is 37690 for a guesstimate ,Thanks
Hi mikemann0, sorry for the delay, got called out on a job, I did get the door rods. They are pretty simple really, if you want them they package up at 4lbs 10 ounces from zip code 13036. Looks like I can ship them USPS priority Mail for $9.63 (online rate), or parcel post (no online rate available) for $11.50

Or if you want I can 'blue print' them and send that via email or post it up. Should be easy enough to make up a set if you want to go that route, just let me know either way.


The top rod goes into a plastic piece that mounted to the windshield frame, the other (back) end of top rods go into holes in the front bow, the upright rod goes into the top rod using a plastic bushing (of which one is missing) (see pic) and the bottom of upright rod fits onto the tub with the arch bowing in as shown in pic. (there is a left & right) The soft top should have built in sleeves around door openings that these rods slide in,so they really cant be seen when installed. These will def need a coat of paint! lol




Again sorry for the delay!

PM sent mikemann0

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