solenoid or starter issues

solenoid or starter issues


Clemson, SC
1980 CJ-7
258 engine
T176 Transmission
31x10.50x15 Mud Terrains
Had to replace my starter last week and everything seemed to be fine until today i went to crank it and the starter clicked. I tried hammering it and that didn't do anything. i ended up push starting it and it cranked and ran fine so i would assume it is something with the ignition system. Any suggestions?
That sounds like a weak battery to begin with, and after you got it started, the battery was recharged. You might want to have the battery tested.
I hope you didn't toss your old starter chances are its in good working order.

Start by cleaning all your connections and inspect all cables and wires in the starting circuit, then check battery voltage (fully charge battery should read out 12.6v).

If that doesn't help I would do a voltage drop test. The click usually means the solenoid is engaging but you can check that as well with a jumper wire. There should be tons of info on both test procedures if you do a search.
Ditto the recommendations on the battery. Also, the contacts inside the starter solenoid may not be seating properly. The contact points may be pitted due to excessive current draw because of a low battery or defective starter. Good idea to replace the slolenoid when you replace the starter.
I agree with the battery issue, of course preforming a "load test" will inform you if the battery is defective.

I have also had issues with Solenoid you can by-pass by using a screwdriver or jumper cables < safety tip neutral for gear box > prior to preforming either of the above.

If you need a Solenoid I use NAPA ST-81 which is the heavier unit it will cost about $4.00 more then ST-88 however it is money well spent.

Hope this assists you,

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