Sometimes people are just nice.

Sometimes people are just nice.


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I bought a 1984 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler to restore last September from a Hartford cop. He gave me a bill of sale and the old title and of course the Jeep. So last month I decided to get the Title put in my name that way it's all legal well before I get the Jeep finished for the road. I noticed that the person who the Jeep was sold to was not him. I called him up and asked were the bill of sale was from the last owner to him and he said he did not have one. Well, this means that the title is useless and I now do not have a continuous transfer of ownership from previous owners to me. I decided to make a call to the guy on the back of the title even though he bought it was back in 1994.

I gave the guy a ring and we started talking for a bit. At first he was guarded and said never owned a Jeep. I read him the info on the title to prove I had it and then he remembered. We talked for about 30 minutes about the Jeep. He bought it from a buddy to fix it up but he never had the ability or time to do so. The other owner asked if he wanted to donate the Jeep to a church about two years later to he did. The church got the Jeep but the owner never signed over the title. The Jeep sat for 15 years in a parking lot unusable. Last year the Jeep ended with another person and then sold to the cop I bought it from. The whole time the original title stayed in the glove box.

After we talked I told this guy that he actaully still legally owns the vehicle on paper at least and I asked if he could sign a bill of sale over to me to make the paper work legal. He said "of course". This guy is very excited that I am restoring the Jeep. He really loved it and was upset about giving it up. He wants pictures when it is finished.

It goes to show that sometimes complete strangers are still nice once in awhile.
I had a similar experience with a 68 Chevy truck and an old turkey farmer (sounds like the lead-in to a joke).

I've been called twice about old vehicles I used to own. Unfortunately, one was because the guy I sold the truck (above) crashed it while intoxicated. He never registered it in his name. The other time the "gentlemen" were taken into custody (and later deported) during a traffic stop. Luckily, I always make sure to get that Release of Liability into the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately after a sale.
He lives about ten miles from me so that could easily be done.

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