Spark Plug / Distributor mix up?

Spark Plug / Distributor mix up?


Piedmont, North Carolina
1979 CJ-7 Roadster (1" body lift)
258 In-line 6, T-150 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, AMC 20 Rear and Dana 30 front axle.
Hey all, I am getting ready to add the parts for a team rush up-grade to my CJ7 with 258 in-line 6. The engine runs fine but does bog down when I step on the gas a little too much. First off, I noticed that my spark plug order on the distributor is not the same as most of the pictures I have seen. Most seem to have the #1 cylinder running to the distributor post nearest the passenger front fender. My #1 runs to the post directly closest to the engine (hopefully picture shows this). Did the previous owner not put the distributor in the correct location in relation to the cam or what?
What is the absolute best way to proceed? Should I leave it as is and keep everything in the same order? Thanks in advance for the advice.
On the new distributor cap you will be adding there is a marked location for the #1 wire. There is a specific firing order located on the intake manifold, but it really doesn't matter where it starts at. The Team Rush upgrade will help prevent spark arcing inside the cap. You could have other issues happening when you step on the gas, like your rate or amount of ignition advance. Actually your distributor/vacumn advance looks correct.

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