spark plug gap

spark plug gap


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79 cj5 258, t150, dana 20 transfer case, dana 30 front, 20 rear,warn hubs,2.5" procomp lift,teamrush,msd box,mc2100 carb,hedman header,clifford intake,optima battery, ford shock towers.
ok so i have all the connectors and rubber mounts to put my msd box in. it says to open the gap but not to what size. right now im running with a gm 4 pin module and have them set a .045". do you guys think ill need to open them up more or leave them there. thanks
From MSD Tech:
These examples are just starting points to get you going in the right direction.
Every application is different and should be tested and tuned:
Compression Spark Plug Gap
Up to 10.5:1:_______ 0.050" - 0.060"
10.5:1 - 13.0:1:_____ 0.040" - 0.050"
Above 13.0:1:_______ 0.035" - 0.045"
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looks like the 50 to 60 range. i think ill bump them up to .050" and see what that does. thanks

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