speedometer intermittent

speedometer intermittent


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Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a 304/T-150, Speedometer cable is good, new speedometer and its intermittent if working at all, had the same problem with the old speedometer, hence the new one but the problem still persists, Can the Speedometer gear in the tranny be going out?
Dana started using a two piece speedometer drive gear design (plastic gear pressed on a knurled steel sleeve) and that could be causing it. I have a 1978 Dana 20 torn down now that has the drive gear slipped on the sleeve.
I was figuring something like that, do you know how hard is it to replace, do I need to drop the tranny?
Disconnect the rear drive shaft and remove the rear output housing from the transfer case. You will have to remove the yoke and press the rear output shaft out of the housing. The drive gear is part of the stack up to set the bearing end play. One thing you can try to look at first is take the driven gear out and see if you can look in the hole to see if the drive gear is centered in the hole. If it is loose, it will slip both axially and radially and will be against the inner most bearing.

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