Speedometer Ratio Adjustment

Speedometer Ratio Adjustment


Beaumont, TX
1983 CJ7, Chevy 350 Conversion, Auto Transmission
I have 35"tires and need to correct the speedometer on my 1979 CJ5. It looks like the easiest way to correct this is to purchase a ratio adapter. The website below has them for GM/Dodge/Ford....will these work? The connections look the same, but I don't see anywhere noting they will work on jeeps.


Speedometer Gear, Speedometer Gears, Ford, GM, Dodge 700R4
Or - buy the correct gear, you can purchase a new gear for your trans case to compensate for you tire size. It has been discussed here many times. A search will help and I'll look also. ;)
Everything I've found suggests you cannot get a replacment gear for a Dana 20 transfer case? I'll keep looking though....

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