Spindle/ Ball joint

Spindle/ Ball joint


Grant, Florida
1975 CJ5, 350, fiberglass tub, tilt hood
Started with a simple brake job on a newly purchased 1975 CJ5 . Needs all new brake parts in the Dana 30 front end. Now I have found a bad upper balljoint- well to get it out I have to remove the spindle first. Well I still have been unable to get the spindle off. Going to try some heat and a bottle jack trick someone bloged about. Then hopefully I will be able to get the old balljoint out. Any other tricks that you know of that might help?
Many ways to skin a ball joint, but it's a press fit in the knuckle.

Pull the spindle and axle shaft out. Pop the knuckle off. Get a Harbor Freight ball joint tool and an air wrench and push out the old and push in the new.

Not worth the time screwing around with.

My 2 cents. Done many. :)
I used a block of wood and a hammer and rocked the spindle back and forth. You can also hit the spindle directly with hammer on the NON-MACHINED surfaces.
Used the free rental spindle puller and a slide hammer from autozone that was shown in a previous post and it came right off in about 8 hits. Works very well, and i would have to guess this spindle has not been off in 36 years. Thanks for all the help on the forum. Now I have to take the knuckle and ball joints to a machine shop to get pressed out and the new ones pressed in

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