SR4 transmission rebuild question

SR4 transmission rebuild question

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258ci, mc2100 ,SR4 trans, dana 300 Tcase, dana 30 front, amc 20 2 piece rear
Well i had long post typed out but it was boring me so i knew it would bore all of you. so, to sum it all up for you....

for a complete beginner, what is the difficulty rating for rebuilding this transmission myself? Time estimate?

local trans shops are quoting me 600 - 1000 for them to do. novak has fresh t18 with adapter for 1580.

just trying to decide my best option. if i can get away with rebuilding this sr4 on my own for the cost of a kit it would allow to be more patient in waiting for a nice used t18 on craigs list and potentially save a butt load of cash.

what do you think?
1 Go to Atlanta GA craigslist,
2 go to the autoparts section and search jeep CJ7
3 look for an add from Cartersville GA.
4 His name is Jody and he parts out lots of 7s
5 He has a T176 listed for $350
6 He will sell you the correct driveshafts too.
7 Good Luck
The shops will usually quote you a much better price for a "bench" rebuild where you remove from the jeep and take it to them to do then reinstall yourself... Thats what i did...

If you've got the cash and time, the 18 would obviously be a lot nicer :cool:

Dont know much about the sr4 but most tranny rebuilds ive read are easy, with the right tools:drool:
the $600 - $1000 quote was if it was already removed lol
Are any gears broken?
not sure, havnt peered into it yet. there was a good bit of grinding after the clutch went out and first trying to re-engage gear while moving.
All of the parts are available from Crown. The gears are the most expensive parts, About $100 each. Hub assembles,bearings, seals and gaskets are inexpensive. It would be impossible for an accurate estimate without knowing what parts you need. As a bench job, worse case would be around four hours labor.
I bought a CJ7 in December it had a SR4 tranney. When I started to drive it it wouldn't stay in 2nd. I took it to a shop and it took 5 tries and $1700.00. This all took about 7 weeks and 4 removals from the Jeep. The shop was a reputible shop that has rebuilt tons of transmissions. By the time I got the thing back I had decided that I would never trust that SR4 so I had found and bought a T18. I drove the Jeep with the SR4 about 500 miles then had the T18 installed. I have kicked myself a hundred times because the money I spent on that SR4 was good money down a rat hole.
T18 is a super tranny and I love it.
I wish I had known then what I know now, save up do it right the first time.

PS....I have a really nice SR4 with 500 miles on it since it was rebuilt 5 times. It does work great now. Want to talk?
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thanks for the offer but no. i was only considering rebuilding it if it could be done super cheap. i dont really care for the sr4.

ive decided to put the CJ into project mode so today im going to look at a couple XJ's to buy as a daily driver. will more than likely end up with the T18 from novak.

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