starter issue

starter issue


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
'84 CJ7. All stock, but looking to upgrade soon.
Recently I had to replace my starter on my '84 CJ7 . After I installed it and hooked everything back up, I tried to start it, and it sounded like grinding metal. I did some research on this, and discovered that when this occurrs, all you need to do is Shim the starter. Well, this starter is 'un-shimable' due to the design.

I took the starter back to the place I bought it from thinking that maybe it was just a bad starter, and since it has a lifetime, or longterm guarantee, I figured it might be a bad starter.

I installed the new starter, hooked everything back up, and ran into a similar problem with grinding metal.

I don't know if I have another starter issue, or what it is. I'm hoping somebody else has ran into this problem and has a suggestion. I had somebody suggest that I need to replace the bell housing because the hole the lower starter bolt goes in may have been wallered out. I looked at it and really couldn't see, but I can't imagine that even if it had a little, that it would cause that much of a difference??
I would suspect you have a bendix / fly wheel mesh problem. Check to see that the starter is aligned/seated properly. Also, it is not un-common to get a bad reconditioned starter.
What was going on with your old one that made you changed it?
Not shimable? Not entirely true. Only Limited shimming - out ( toward the front of the jeep). If needed to go out from the crankshaft the mounting holes can be ground out somewhat.

But don't get the grinder our yet.

Is the starter seated properly in the mounting recess?

How do the ring gear on the flywheel look?

Tighten the bolts while gently pulling the starter to the passenger side removing any slack in the mounting holes.

I've also heard that sometimes if you go to another brand auto parts their's will magically work properly.
Definately check the ring gear.
Deff check your ring ger for chewed up teeth, and while you are down there push the bendix out to see how it meshes with the ring gear

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