South Carolina
1973 Cj5 71 AMC 360 4 spd Manual Front & Rear lockers,
1999 F250 extended cab 5spd Triton V10
I'm having a problem with my 73 cj 5. It was running fine a week ago and but went out to fire it up and just let it run today and it wouldn't turn over at all. I pulled the starter off but it looks nothing like the one I bought to replace it. I bought the starter for the engine 1971 360 javelin, did I buy the right starter or wronge one. Thanks:confused:
If you bought a starter for a 360 it should work. The fact that it is for a Javelin shouldn't matter. AMC V8 starters are all the same. That's not to say the auto parts store didn't give you the wrong starter.
Well this thing is definitely a jeepenstein. The auto parts store that I've always used assured me it was for a 360. So the starter on it may have been wrong who knows. I'm going to put it on tomorrow and see if I can get her to crank. Cross my fingers and say a couple of hail mary's. Thanks.
Did you check the starter solenoid? It should be on the passenger side fender. If it’s gone you got nothing. A good way to check the starter is to directly hook it up to a battery with jumper cables (without the solenoid) and see if it turns.
Yea man I was going to get one to go with new starter but the store didn't have one on hand so it should be here tomorrow. Wasn't to expensive so I figd i get a new one. Slowly she become new or atleast road and trail worthy.

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