Starting Restoration

Starting Restoration


1975 cj5 - 41,000 mi, 8 cyl barn fresh after 20 years
Hi all - new to forum. Picking up my first Jeep this weekend - 1975 CJ5, 41,000 mi, 8 cyl, stored in a barn for the past 20 years, minimal rust. I'll be pulling it home on a dolly about 300 miles. Couple of questions.....
1. Anything special I should do before I put it on the dolly to tow?
2. Once home - where do I start? Charge battery, change oil and filter, and try to start it? I have restored model A's before, so not a complete novice, but first time for Jeep.

I plan to get it safe and driveable to use as a tow vehicle for my motorhome. All suggestions welcome.
Before you put it on the dolly, you just have to check the usual safety stuff. There will be a lot more once you get it home. Get some pics, sounds like you have a great starting point.
Make sure you pull the rear driveshaft for a trip that long. Normally I preach that isn't necessary, but in this case you don't know what shape the drivetrain is in. So pulling it first will make a nice easy trip for ya.
Got a hint to getting me started to disconnect drive train?
Driveshaft...not drivetrain! LOL
First load the front wheels of the CJ on the dolly.
Then just unbolt the u-bolts at the rear differential, wrap some electrical tape around the U-Joint, and tie the driveshaft up so it doesn't flop around.
Then make sure the front hubs are unlocked, the trans is in gear, and the transfer case is in neutral.
Then tow away. When you get home, then go thru the link provided above and enjoy your new Jeep!
glad to give you a chuckle. when my drive SHAFT falls apart on the way home and I DRIVE into a TRAIN I'll get back to you.

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