Strap Mounts?

Strap Mounts?


West Michigan
1983 CJ7 258 JY TBI TF999 Dana300 Dana 44 WT
I've started working on my tub exchange and want to weld up all the extra holes for the rhinolining of the inside. Anyone know what these brackets are for. BTW this is a '93 YJ tub if it makes a difference. I will remove them and will spot weld shut if not needed, Don't want to have to drill through the welds afterwords if they are needed.
Looks like some footman loops to tie something down, somebody could have added them at some point. Probably not used for anything now

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Thanks for the info, I did find out with a little Google search, they are factory original and for strapping down the front rollbar tubes when you put the windshield down on a YJ.
Cjs never had those winshield extensions, guess that's why we don't have footman loops in the floorboard.

I was like... "Yeah, well I have a CJ and MINE has those loops..." Then I remembered the YJ body swap I did 3 weeks ago...........


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