stuck motor

stuck motor


Scurry, TX
1969 CJ5 F-head, and completely stuck (I mean stock).
Just got a new jeep and the motor is stuck. I was told it was running when parked. The trans is also stuck. It will shift into 2 and 3 but not R and 1. So I am going to pull the plugs and drain the oil in Tue engine. Fill the crankcase and cylinders full of diesel and let her sit. And trying to turn the motor over by hand once a day or so. But not so fer sure what I should do to the trans other than tear it apart. I believe it should be a T-90 .
If you can get the clutch to actuate and stay, maybe you can try turning the flywheel by hand? Wouldn't take long, and may help to isolate the problem as to Tranny or Engine.
My favorite break free is 50/50 Acetone and ATF. couple of squirts in the cylinders,put the plugs back in and set over night.
I bet if you can jack the rear axle up and push in the clutch you will be able to shift gears with a bit of wheel spinning (by hand). Once you are in 4th gear set it on the ground and start rocking it front and back. If anything will free up the cylinders, this is it.:cool:
Or try Marvel Mystery Oil. Squirt some in the cylinders and wait a day or so.
My favorite break free is 50/50 Acetone and ATF. couple of squirts in the cylinders,put the plugs back in and set over night.

X2 on the acetone and ATF works great. It also works great for cleaning up cylinders after they have been honed.
Well went and filled my cylinders up with the acetone,atf mix and put plugs back in. Then filled the crankcase full of diesel. But the diesel was leaking out the rear main as fast as I put it in. So I guess I gonna have to pull it down. The trans still won't go in R or 1st. The boot on the shifter was rotted off so I am assuming that water got in through the top and froze up some linkage in there. Oh well still worth free.
i've always hit up the marval mystery method....but this is the first i've heard of the acetone-n-atf....i'll have to try that some day....also had the same boot water seepage issue before got water in transmission and it froze and Limited the shift forks from going into all the gears till it defrosted and was flushed and refilled......not that it would be a block of ice in tranny in tx...but wanted to share anyway...
Filled the crankcase with diesel? what does that do, that flooding the upper cylinders and lubing the walls and rings doesn't do?

Aren't the maybe seized and corroded crank/rod/cam bearings this would "help" with be toast and "spin" anyway, at this point? Or are our old timey engines strong enough and clearances out of spec. enough to live through this?
No help with the stuck motor but wanted to pay homage to the good old jeep motor. Mine had 2 cylinders filler with rusty water and it was locked down tight. I popped the head, soaked the cylinder and every day would work it back and forth a little more. Finally it broke free enough for me to get some fine emory clothe on it and clean the cylinder wall up until I couldnt feel the ridge with my nail. I removed the rusty valves from the head and cleaned and lapped the valve seat then replaced the seals. We finally got it on the road and not a bit of smoke comes out of it. I figured it would smoke a ton due to the rough "overhaul" but runs good and all cylinders get good compression. Good luck with your project.

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