Survival thread

Survival thread

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Post up your survival tips tricks, kits, etc.

I'll raid my archives of info and update it with new info, tips, tricks, things people may or may not already know.

This link has useful info most people don't think about:

Good book on butchering animals, kind of a dummies guide:
Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game, by Mettler.

Easy fire starting material:
Start by getting some basic cotton balls. Rub Vaseline (any petroleum jelly will do) all over it, get as much in there as you can (while you’re at it, make a dozen of them for, er, rainy days). When you’re ready to use it to get a raging campfire inferno going, pull the cotton ball apart a bit to expose the dry interior fibers, next pull out a metal match (Can be bought for $10 at Kummerfeldt’s, and now spark that baby to life. Easy.

Extra water in an emergency:
Your water heater can be a source of water when all else fails. Hook a hose to the drain and open a faucet in the house to collect the remaining water.

Basic survival kit:
Put a metal match on your key chain, carry a pocket knife, carry a Needle w/ kevlar thread and a flexable signal mirror in your wallet.
These minimum items will help you survive for a few days and will always be on you. Think of it as the survival kit you always carry.

More to come.
Great thread! Did the cotton ball trick before. Works great. It's alot better then emptying gas into an empty beer can!:popcorn:
I always carry a metal match, starts everytime no matter what the conditions. Beats matches and lighters! A friend of mine puts matches in a empty shotgun shell, and uses another empty shell slid over the top for a lid, then tapes it off, to keep the matches dry.
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