n.e. ohio
2000 silverado 2002 z06 w/mods 2009 impala [wife car]
just got a T-15 and it has a tag on it and it says 999638 and below that it says 13-07-012 can anybody tell me about trans.it's going in my 360 powered 1974 CJ5
I don't have a parts book to ID the numbers on the tag but the casting # are from a T-15.

The T-15 was used in the 72-75 CJ behind a V8 so you should be fine, fairly strong tranny. An upgrade would be the T-18.
The T-15 was the strongest Three speed to go into a CJ.
The biggest drawback is that it only has 3 gears.
I have one... Great tranny. As busa said, only draw back is its a 3 speed. It does fine on road, i have 4.27 gearing and can run as fast as i feel comfortable going on freeway.

Would only swap for a 4 speed with a granny low 1st gear.

Novak has good info on it too.
I ran the T-15 for years. Never a problem. Upgraded to the T18 for the granny low and couldn't be happier. The T-15 is a strong transmission but being only a three speed, it didn't get me low enough for rock crawling. Should work fine behind your V8. Always depends on what you are going to use the jeep for.

999638 = 1972-1975 CJ5 V8 T-15
as stated by folks above

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