t-150 problems

t-150 problems


silver lake michigan
1978 cj7 304 1/2 ton axles 3 speed manual
well just got it all back together and took my baby on a little test drive and miles down the road i lost third gear :mad: then on my return back to the garage only had second gear:mad::mad: i dont think the tranny gears are bad maybe shift forks??? can you straighten them??

when i got the tranny it was rebuilt by a jeep maniac so i believe it is done rite this guy is jeep head to toe i called but he is a truck driver and was on the road :mad:

any help would be great :confused: or just something to laugh at :chug:
When you say lost, it wouldn't go in gear or went in gear but nothing was there?
I rebuilt mine sitting on the garage floor so I'm thinking if the PO "rebuilt" it he did't know what he was doing.
yes please discribe what lost meant
ginds? spins? will not go in?
sorry it will not even go into gear you can barely move the shifter except from second you can go down just enough for nuetral thats it.

i was thinking that it was probably bent or loose shift forks idk
the guy that rebuilt it has been doin it for many many years i have knownhim for a long time he is good but everyone makes mistakes.
Pull the trans floor cover and you can pull the top off stick and all to have a look at the forks and internals. Take pics and we might be able to figure it out without dropping the trans. Trans have oil?

A picture of the insides with top removed:

The interworkings of the top part:
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I would suggest you pull out the stick and look down the hole to make sure both of your rails are in the neutral position. The two notches that the stick fits in will line up. Check the condition of the "lolly pop " on the end of the stick, if it is worn enough it will not put both shift rails in there proper position and cause the trany to hang in gear or not shift properly. just something to look at as you are taking things apart, you have to remove the stick to drop the transmission anyway. You may as well look at this while you are there.:cool:
Do you know the condition of the clutch? I had a clutch disc break in my truck and slowly it got harder and harder to shift until I couldn't shift at all because of the synchro's, but I could shift with the engine off. If you can shift into gear fine with the engine not running, I would consider checking the clutch adjustments and condition. My $.02.
It's a super easy transmission to rebuild and the parts arnt very expensive.
A search on here should turn up a whole thread about my own and another members near simultaneous rebuilds.

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