T150 mounting bolts

T150 mounting bolts


South Dakota
79 CJ5, 304, T150, Dana 20, Corp 20, Superior one piece axles
2012 JK Rubicon 2 door
okay i goofed!
lost my mounting bolts (4 all the same) for my T-150 reinstallation.
does anyone know the size, length and thread pitch? it's not
7/16X14 nor does it seem to be 3/8X16! so what is it?????
and while i'm at it, where can i get a replacement trans/xfer case
to skid plate mount?
thanks to all for your help, radman
I don’t remember the bolt size of hand. If you have a tap set you can see which bit fits and go from there or pick up a few possible bolts at your local NAPA or an old fashion hardware store and give them a try. Remember to go for grade 5 at least. (Most likely Home Depoe isn’t going to have what you need.)

You should have a steel plate with a large hole on one end that goes between the transmission mount and the bottom of the transmission; this is for the top bushings on the torque stud. Not all parts houses even know what the torque stud is so most likely you will need to go somewhere that they speak jeep or order it on the internet from one of the popular vendors if you don’t have one. As far as the plate I don’t know of anyone that carries them new (others on the board may have a source) and most likely if missing will need to be either garage fabbed or have a shop make one up. The mount it’s self can be had at most parts houses or at least be ordered for next day pick up; the same internet jeep vendors will have them too. The torque stud has 2 rubber bushings on top, one goes under the hole (hole needs to be smaller than the bushing) on the stud plate and the other on top then the nut tightened to sandwich them. The bottom of the stud bolts through the skid plate. The stud helps keep the power train from twisting under load.
thanks for the reply! i am trying to not remove the tranny
from the bellhousing to measure things. if i gotta, i gotta
but don't really want to.
i have all the original mounting "stuff" for the skid plate but
the "torque stud" (your words) looks to be worn out. nearest
jeep dealership is 45 miles away and i really don't think they
would have a clue.
again, thanks for your help.... radman
problem 2 solved...., thank you so much.
any idea(s) on problem 1, the correct bolt size?
i now know that the thread is NOT a 7/16's
if it's 3/8's i'm baffled... the bellhousing is aluminium so i am
ever mindful of stripping. i replaced the original T-150 that was
trashed by the PO and was real careful of the aluminium BH!
if i gotta i will but anybody got an idea?
again, thanks... radman
CJ, just updated my profile... sorry about the omission...
oddly, many posters say all four screws are the same! i'll
try to check this today... the 79 CJ5 is a 304 with a T-150 and a dana
20... the r/e is the ever reliable AMC20 with a superior axle upgrade.
thing runs fantastic but i gotta get that silly bolt thing down.

obtw, i've changed the gas gauge float 4 times! don't ever buy
the sending unit without an unsinkable float!! what a pain!

any more thoughts will be appreciated, thanks, radman
The thru or tap drill size for a 7/16-14 is .368 or around 3/8. The thru or tap drill size for a 3/8-16 is around 5/16. You might have a buggered up thread so be careful with that, like run a tap thru the hole. If you have one of those plastic floats, it could be repaired by draining it out, small drill if you have to, and patching up the leaks with a two part epoxy. That would be my best suggestion.
The v8 should have the bolts as shown in these pics.



Maybe older gen v8's have all the bolts the same but I know my 74 401 and the 72 304 use 7/16 and 3/8 bolts. :)
thanks cj, i really appreciate that.
i thought that i did save my profile though!
thanks for the help... in all regards, radman
cj... i got my profile updated!!!
sorry 'bout my errors.
i will try the combination of bolts by using
the information in previous post regarding bolt
clearance sizes.... thanks for that one... a bunch, radman
and the answer is...... there are 4 bolts that are all the
same size and that is... 7/16X14X11/4".
i had to run them thru my die because much of the
nuts/bolts available today are of dubious manufacture!
use a lock washer and torque them to 12 ft/lbs and your
good to go!!!
thanks to all for your help!

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