t176 to 360 pilot bushing and clutch questions

t176 to 360 pilot bushing and clutch questions


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77' CJ-5, 360 c.i. motor, T-176 trans, D-300 transfer case w\ twin sticks, Dana 30 front, A.M.C. 20 rear w/ 4.10's, solid axles & trac-lok, 2.5" lift Y.J. springs.
Well' I got the T-150 and Dana 20 out, but I'm having trouble finding the correct pilot bushing to mate the t176 to my 360. The 360 is from a 79' and the t176 is from an 81' if it matters, and if someone could come up with a part # for the bushing it would really help. Also the new clutch that I picked up is a 11" borg & beck style lever pressure plate type instead of the 10.5" finger spring style, it bolts right up but I'm not sure if the clutch fork and older spring clip and plate type release bearing will work, or if I'm looking at getting a newer style clutch fork that will use the release bearing that came with the kit.

Kinda tough questions, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but that's what I've got for now.

Thanks in advance,
Take a look in the "DOC" section, there is the 81-86 Jeep Parts Catalog, you can look the OE part number up in the PDF for the T176 parts. I will get you the part number for the 79 flywheel pilot bushing, but its probably the same as 81.

812-8880 is the part number for 77-79 T-150 Pilot bushing.
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I wound up finding a pilot bearing that worked with my application and got it all together, and the stock release bearing worked fine with the 11" lever style pressure plate clutch pack. It takes about half the leg to get the clutch to the floor now than the finger spring one did. I may have to go with a custom rear driveshaft cuz with the longer driveline I had to cut it down to 16 1\2"- I was careful but I am getting some vibration. I will try a T.C. drop first to try and reduce the angle and see if that helps before shelling out $300 for a C.V. shaft. On the first test drive I took it through a field with some mild dirt mounds and the 2.5" lift Y.J. springs worked great. Massive improvement over the 7 leaf super stiff stock ones. I now have around 8" of travel in the front and 5" or so out back, from what I measured testing it with a floor jack so I could order shocks. Hopefully I will have the bugs out of it in the next few days and can give it a good shaking down.

Aloha, Bush

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