T18-1b Trans with chevy adapter

T18-1b Trans with chevy adapter


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
A buddy of mine has a T-18-1B Transmission that he bought thinking he would use it in his Frankenstein CJ project.
Now he has decided to go another way, and asked if i wanted the trans. I don't have or run Chevy stuff but i figure it might be good trading stock.
Biggest obstacle is he is on Utah and I am in OK. lol. He is willing to throw it in the truck and haul it down on his way to Kentucky, but I'm not sure I need it. I already have the T-18-1B from a '79 CJ going in my Jeep.

My question is, Is anyone interested in this, that happens to be on a route from Utah to OK to KY? And that would help him out with a decent price and a few bucks for fuel?

Bottom pic shows the output shaft, used to have a Dana 20 attached to it.
Not sure what it originally came out of.

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