T18 w/PTO

T18 w/PTO


Old Time Jeeper
Peoria, AZ
83' CJ7-35's, granny T18, clocked, locked, 456s, D30 20 trussed- stitched-heim traction-1 piece shafts, CV dshaft, quick discos, xtended shock mounts, SOA, revolvers rear, braided lines, herculined, hand throttle, AMC saddle bags, rebuilt 258, D300.
I currently have the T-4 and am looking at going with the T-18 for the granny gear. I asume you can't match a T-18 with TPO as it's passenger drop and the drive shaft will be in the way from the Dana 300 ? Can PTO just be removed?

Lastly, anyone know of any difference between picking up Advanced or Novak adapter? I am pretty sure Advance is cheaper and a sponsor of the site, so that's good and about as much as I know...

Any and all input is appreciated.
Unless you plan on using the PTO it won't matter what side it's on.
What you want is a Ford T-18 . I had a 1982 CJ7 that I swapped out the T-5 for a Ford T-18 . Do not get a Jeep T-18 that won't work. If you have a Ford T-18 it will mate up to your Jeep bellhousing. You will have to drill and tap the mounting holes in the bellhousing.
As for the clutch use a pressure plate intended for your CJ. Use a 10.4 inch friction plate intended for a ford. It will need to fit on the tranny input shaft. I used a Centerforce clutch.
Mating up to the Dana 300 TCase will require an adapter kit. I got mine from Advanced Adapters. The kit includes a new main (output) shaft for the T-18 . you will have to dissemble the T-18 to install this but the T-18 is easy to work on.
Thanks Busa, it is the Ford T-18 . It has the passenger side PTO. I may not use but I guess I will have to find (fab) a cover plate if it doesn't fit in front of the Dana 300 .

Right now I have everything down to the block as I am rebuilding but wanted to go ahead and do this while it is apart since I found one for a good deal.
You could make a PTO cover with flat steel. First make one out of cardboard as a template.
Since you have everything taken apart I wouldn't put that T-4 back in there. It is very light duty. Use the T-18 for sure.
Thats the plan. I exploded a T-4 prior to this one and don't like the gearing and almost weak (scary) feeling I get when on trails or steep hills :).
I have a Jeep CJ T-18 and Dana 20 combo for sale. I would like to get $800 + shipping. This was removed from a CJ to put a auto trans so the " a older father" could drive the CJ.

This is a CJ T-18 with the correct short front input shaft, still attached T-18 & Dana 20 Transfer. Has the long rails on the Dana 20 also hard to get. It is a narrow gear ratio on the granny gear..... that is why I am not keeping for my spare... if have the slower granny gear on my 78 CJ so not a good match for spares.

It is cleaned and ready for some final work so it could be painted. PO told me there was about 60k on the ck when taken out and was working fine. He could not find the shift rods for the T-18 and Dana 20 so you will need the ball/knob and the shaft for both. Dana 20 Shifter easy to get and the T-18 shifters do wear and can get new ones from Novak for about $55.

I can put this on a pallet and deliver to shipper.... last time I got a quote to MA it was $400 to ship from MN

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