t5 seal/transfer case sleeve

t5 seal/transfer case sleeve


Questa, NM
1983 cj-7 renegade, 258 ci motor, t5 tranny, Dana 300 t/fer case.
I removed tranny and t/fer case because of leak from tranny. The input shaft of the t/fer case looks somewhat grooved and I am wondering if that is causing the leak past the tranny seal. Is there a sleeve that goes on the input shaft for this? (I am thinking like there are for harmonic balancers). Or, do I need a new input shaft for t/fer case?
T5 seal question

No replies to my question. I am feeling like the new kid in school. Maybe my question did not make sense? Appreciate any replies, even to let me know that my question does not make sense. Thanks.
Sometimes posts get missed bud... Sorry about that.

I don't have much help for ya on the subject, but sure there are a few here who will.


~ JR
Re: T5 seal question

I meant to serious reply but was extremely busy sorry.

if it is the seal and you have had the seal replaced then you have something on the shaft that is destroying the seal, all it needs is a small cut and it leaks. I would think that the shaft that is rotating in the seal has a burr, or had one and the mechanic tried to get rid of it. Either way you need a new shaft and seal

Now, as has been said, it would be better to replace that tranny than repair the shaft as it is not a very good tranny. Actually it is not a good tranny in a car, much less a truck going off road.
I am going to disagree with Baja. A T4/5 output shaft never touches a seal. The seal from the trans to t case is in the trans housing, but fits around the t case input. Bad pic but here is what is fits around and what I believe the OP is talking about having "grooves".

If it looks like the one pictured, it will clean up well. Old oil and sludge can build up and harden. Try cleaning it up before looking at replacing. The seal on this side (the t case) should also be pulled the shaft cleaned and checked, and seal replaced.
Here is another bad pic, but you can pick out the seal on the t case.

Thanks! That is exactly what I am talking about (next time I will try and post pics). I have run my fingernail back and forth to check for wear and I feel slight difference. I will clean and either scotchbrite or Emory cloth the shaft and see if that works. If not, am I left with either replacing the shaft or, as my initial question, is there a repair sleeve available?
Never heard of a sleeve. Doesn't mean they aren't out there. Might see if the Dana website could answer the question (long shot)? Or maybe a local manual trans shop.

After you get it cleaned up, might put a little thick grease or petroleum jelly on the shaft, run the new seal over and past the low spot and see exactly how much is left in the "groove". Might be ok with a new seal. Just a thought.

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