t999 clunking noise at idle. need help!!!!

t999 clunking noise at idle. need help!!!!


1983 CJ7.
hey im new to this forum. this is my first jeep 1983 CJ7 with a chevy 350 swap (pain in the a**). originally the jeep had a 904 auto transmission in it but the case was cracked. so i rumaged through some junkyards and found a t999 which bolts up. my problem is when the jeep is idling it is making a clunking/knocking noise coming from the bell housing area. if anyone has had this problem before with the tranny or just knows what it is please let me know.
you must have an adapter, because a chrysler tranny wont bolt up to a chevy engine. but the clunking could be a loose bolt on the torque converter to the bearings on the crank. its kind of hard to tell. i would try to re create the noise while under the jeep and take a better look.
it is an adapter that is bolted to the torque converter, to bolt to the chevy flexplate. Also there is an adapter that bolts the tranny case to the block.
I can only offer you a suggestion, as I am not familiar with this transmission. If it has an inspection hole in the dust shield I would take a look in there with a flash light and see if I could find any metal shavings. If you find some, I would suspect that a bolt is either too long, or is loose and is contacting either the engine block, one of the adapters, or the TC. If there is not inspection hole, or you can't remove the dust shield easily, I would consider removing the starter and taking a look. You might need to use a small mirror and flash light, to be able to see in through the starter hole.

Best wishes

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