Tech Advise Needed, 73CJ Model 30 Front End

Tech Advise Needed, 73CJ Model 30 Front End
Fort Myers, Fl
1973 CJ5
Reaching out for a little direction. I am going to change the oil seal on the front differential, Model 30, '73 CJ5. I have the yoke off and am ready to go. But........ how do I pull the dust cap to get to the seal without bending the cap? Obviously the pinion gear is sticking out in the middle of all of this.

Appreciate any tips to shorten my learning curve.


X2 I've never seen one with a dust shield. Take a quick pic for us.:chug:
it is a matter of terminology guys, yes a 73 has a dust shield, not the dust cap we think he is talking about, basically it is the oil seal just before the u joint in the knuckle.
go buy another seal guy, and a seal puller which looks like a claw of an animal on a short pole, pulling it will ruin it.
now a dust seal on the pinion shaft, I am not familiar with, but seeing as they call the one on the axle shafts one, I can imagine they have one on the pinion. I just personally have never had to get into a diff there on an early style D30, I have on a TJ D30 but never saw one there.
There is no felt dust shield / cap on the pinion. :)

As you said, the knuckle has one though. :)
OK we are getting there. First look at CJ's attachment. It matches my tech manual for the 73 CJ5 that shows a metal dust cap (#8 in his attachment) going between the yoke and the oil seal. I am worried that as I pull the seal it will bend the cap.

Secondly, I do appreciate BajaEdition's feedback. I was not aware that a seal puller existed so I will be going to the Harbor Freight site next. I am just concerned of how to protect that cap.

Am I not seeing this correctly?


It's $1.99 each. Buy a new one.
I thought something looked wrong with that picture (It's for a 76 and up -says so in the title :( - Their pic link is wrong) (Dana Model 30 Front Axle for Jeep CJ5, CJ7 & CJ8 Scrambler Years: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986) (I'll give them a buzz and let them know tomorrow).

The oil slinger is behind the pinion seal on 72-76 Jeep Dana 30 front ends. I just rebuilt mine and wasn't thinking.

Yours should not be on the out side of the seal. Are you sure your not looking at the seal? #4 is the seal and #5 is the slinger.

Easiest thing would be to take a pic of what your talking about. That way were not playing blind 20 questions.
That is the seal and not the slinger... :)

The slinger is behind that hunk of metal you see. Just yank that seal right out of there... :)

4wd is wrong, the slinger is behind the seal and you easily yank the seal without damaging the slinger... :)

Just about any auto parts store should have that seal, pull it, replace it and have a great Sunday drive. :)

(BTW - Great pictures ;) )

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