Temp and Air cables

Temp and Air cables


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
Hi guys,

I just bought new knobs and cables from Crown Automotive for my 77 CJ. I didn't realize until it was too late that what I bought was indicated for 78-86, not including my year. I guess they changed the air handler box in 78 because both the Air and Temp cables are too short.

Anybody know where I can get longer ones for my 77? Or even better, a way to jack up something that works, looks right and won't cost me another $30?

Thanks! Tom
You can reach under the dash and operate em manually for free lmao. Really though, go to advance or auto zone and pick up some of the el cheapo manual choke cables I think they are around $5 each, you should be able to make them work, they usually come about 5 ft long but you can cut em down.

I'm going to need thoae cables on my '81 during final assembly, let me know if you wanna redeam some of your money for them!
Ah, that would have been great, but I'm afraid I hacked them up a little bit trying to make them longer. I'm going to try that choke cable mod next. We'll see!

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