Temp Guage

Temp Guage


1972 CJ5 - 258, T18, D20
So I finished the rebuild, everything was great until yesterday.....part of the project included a brand new speed/temp/fuel guage. When I started it up yesterday the temp guage pegged to the max and the fuel guage read a little higher than normal. The fuel guage is fine but the temp guage is pegged? What the heck happened?
A temp gauge works on resistance. If the needle is pegged then it is grounded some were. That is actually how you can check your gauge to see if it moves. So I would check the wiring on the gauge cluster. All it takes is one stray strand to ground it out. Also make sure your temp sensor is grounded. You don't want a bunch of thread sealer on it. It needs to ground through the engine. Occasionally you can get a jacked up gauge that's grounded inside of itself from the factory.
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