TF999 with Dana 300

TF999 with Dana 300


Hey guys,

I am starting to go through my new to me 79 CJ7. It has an AMC 360 mated to a TF999 with a Dana 300. The PO did the drivetrain swap and I'm not sure if he did it corretly. Aside from the Marie Callenders pie tin covering the old manual trans opening, He cut the floor in order to make the transfer stick fit. Not only that, but it seems that the D300 hangs down pretty low for my taste, but it's mostly due to the trans. Is this typical?

Is a T400 any shorter or narrower that would allow the transfer case to be raised a little?

I will try to post some pics once I figure out how.
post some pics if you can. thats the same setup my po did. if i can see yours, ill be able to tell if mine is wrong or yours, as i have nothing to compare it to
That doesn't look like a D300 to me.
I'm not an expert on identifying things yet, but the case is stamped with Dana with the number c300-15-2. I'm pretty sure that's a D300.
I cant identify the transfer but it does seem to be hanging down kind of low.
i do think it hangs down to low as well. mines not that low
My combination consist of a T-18 from a Ford F-150 with a Novak conversion to mate it to my Dana 300. In my case, the adapter allows the D300 to be clocked at different angles. It may be that your D300 and transmission might have that same ability. I would take a look at where the two mate and see if there are more mounting holes that are not used. Just a possibility.

Doesnt the T-case go up a bit when you put the skid plate back on? I just got rid of the rest of my Jeep that had that combo and the dana 300 always hangs a little low i.m.o. There are clocking rings out there for a price.
Alright, finally got some pics. Let me know what you think.
I'll have to check that out. I think I need to drop the trans to get rebuilt anyways. The 999 is noisy and I'm noticing trans fluid at the bottom of the bell housing.
That doesn't look like a D300 to me.

My '80 CJ7/304 has a D300 and TF999; doesn't look anything like what I see in the pics. Sorry I don't have one handy to put up; will try for one tomorrow morning.

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