This had better be the end!

This had better be the end!


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
Down to 40 tonight and 33 or so tomorrow night? WTH is going on here! It's friggen April damn it!!!

All you AK / DE / OH / VA / VT / Northern people better not ever send this cold stuff down here again this late in the year or... Well, I'll... Oh wait, I can't do :dung: about it can it? :laugh:

It kinds nice though... :)
SUFFER BIOTCH! :D Welcome to the world of winter shrinkage!
I must say, I am getting pretty tired of the (relative) cold here also. I moved to the south for the warmth, not this :dung:! :censored:
Saturday was nice, then the day I have to be outside for hours (helping set up the track for the mud bog), its cold and the wind is howling...It wasn't the most fun I've had! :laugh:
Sounds like Global Warming to me:rolleyes:......
I'm sorry, it is all my fault. I take total blame and plan on rectifying the situation in a few months, just bear with me. I believe I single handedly reversed global warming by taking the motor out of my jeep. It has not been running for a few months, and the lack of pollution from the tailpipe has allowed the ozone layer to rebuid. I should have it running again in a few months. Again, sorry!:D
I'm looking out my window at the snow flying right now:eek:
This has to end quick as we have a trail ride this weekend and I was hoping for some decent weather.
Trail repair is no fun when it's crappy out.
I can't believe I had to turn the heat on last night! The AC was o during the day and heat for the evening on... It's almost Easter!!! :(
Ha! You Southerners.... It snowed at my house for the last few days. It keeps melting off but for a while there on Sunday, we had 2" of the stuff!
I think we ne to call CJ a

Hey! That's not fair!!! My house is designed to cool not heat! I live in the south damnit!!! Not AK!!! :laugh:

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