Throttle Return

Throttle Return

CJ jammin

Bellevue, Nebraska
96 Cherokee Sport, 4.0 HO, 3.5" lift, AFE CAI, SYE & 2Low transfer case conversions, double cardan drive shaft from a Grand Cherokee.
80 CJ7, 304 w/Edlebrock carb, Dana 300 TC, SR4 transmission, 4" spring lift up front, shackle lift on the rear. Hooker headers and Flowmaster exhaust. Hard top. Full cage. My new project.
I put a 1" carb spacer and put the throttle cable bracket on 1" standoffs to maintain the original spacing. However the throttle return spring isn't strong enough to bring the engine back to idle. I did clean and lube the cable so it gets close. Anyway, would getting a shorter/stronger spring help enough? I figure I'm going to hit the junkyard and try it anyway. Was just wondering if anyone already had any experience with this.
Some chevy engines use a dual-spring configuration. Its just a heavy spring and a lighter spring working together to return the throttle back to an idle. I have a similar setup on my CJ now (or I did, I can't remember anymore...)
See if you can find one of those.
Or if you just move your bracket back some, it might be enough to close the throttle plates without having to buy a new spring, also.

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