tilt wheel

Should have been one from the factory as an option. Check around on CL, Ebay, ect. but be warned...They command a hefty price tag for an original.
If nothing else, try the Collins bros. jeep website. Just have your charge card charged up! LOL
Here's the one I used. Not cheap but I wanted new. Centech is a good company to do business with from my experience.

New Jeep Steering Columns from Centech

Good luck - Curt

Edit: Notice it does not work with an automatic trans.
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I believe that you can use a Gm column from the early eighties trucks for the swap out. That is the column I have in my jeep, though the previous owner made the swap. Would be a considerable amount cheaper way to go than ordering up a new or used jeep one. I'd hit up the junk yard and take a look.

Good Luck
putting in a GM tilt wheel is not difficult, but requires a bit of fab work to adapt. If your McGuiver skills are good then it is a nice project. If not it can turn into an expensive nightmare getting it to a shop that see's you as a stuck cash cow.
Hardest part would be measuring, cutting and welding any places you need to adapt the shaft or linkage. the actual brackets needed to hold them in would be a simple project to fabricate.
Post up pics, we all love pics.
has anybody tryed this ? i have an 87 iroc project car that i have already took the seats out of for the cj so if the colum would work somewhat easy that would be cool
Many have done column conversions, that is why everyone knows about them, Go for it
I've done business with these people several times. They're not always the cheapest but they have always stood behind their word and product. I just noticed they rebuild tilt columns.

jwjeep.com - Image Library
anyone ever tried mounting a jeep cheroke tilt column in a CJ ??
anyone ever tried mounting a jeep cheroke tilt column in a CJ ??

you sure would not have a problem finding one, would you?:D
theres one with cruise and tilt a stones throw away lol
measure it and see how much diference there is between the CJ and it.
I have been planning to measure one as soon as it dries up enough to go to the grave yard but you have one right there.
1-distance from fire wall to just under the steering wheel.
2- distance between fire wall and conection t steering shaft.
3-diamiter through fire wall.
4-diamiter at upper clamp.
that would get you started.:cool:
ill measure it tommorow when the sun comes up and post it here :D

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