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Has anyone killed any brain cells on what it would take to mount a CJ7 tub and front end to a tj frame? I looked up the wheel bases and they are within .1 inches of each other and I would assume body mounts would have to be relocated and such but it would be nice to have the link suspension from a tj but the cool look of a cj.

Yes I am aware the tjs are drivers side drop BTW.
Hmm I figured this would perk someones attention. I have been killing brain cells on it the last couple of days. I am mostly wondering can you scrap everything from the TJ, like say a tj that was rolled over , excpept for the frame, suspension, axles and the steering box and then just basically take your cj off the frame and swap it over.

I have a buddy that said you can get the front fenders and grill from a cj to line up with the tj body but that brings up a whole slew of weird ideas. Mostly is it possible to make everything work with the cj dash and the cj hood yet retain the tj windshield and be able to use the TJ hard top? Its maddening.

I guess another option would be a link suspension tied into a cj frame.

Mostly was thinking that using everything from the cj except the frame and the suspension and either using a np231 or a dana300 flip kit would be sweet and cool and possibly doable.
:rolleyes: I dont have a clue but it sure would be easier if the doors and top would interchange......Since I have the seats out of a TJ I can say for sure that the floor is shaped diffrent than a CJ and so is the rear wheel wells. I would think that if the frame rails are a very similar width and length and adventurous person with a welder could get the body mounts to line up :chug: just me thinking out loud I dont have a TJ for any kind of a real reference
I have an unlimited so no help there, but I do seem to remember someone
doing this swap. Also saw a CJ8 on a LJ frame. Wanna say it was called project LJ8.

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