To rebuild or replace......

To rebuild or replace......


el paso, tx
'78 CJ5 - 258 cu inline 6, T-18 trans 5 spd,
'10 Wrangler V6
So as anything goes on an older vehicle, is it just in nature for each part to act up after one part has been fixed or replaced?:mad: As I thought throughout the week, as every part that we have either replaced or rebuilt another issue arose somewhere else.:eek: Now I am in no way mechanic savvy, but I started to ponder if it was just best to buy new components, ie alternator, distributor, fuel pump, fuel regulator, and carberator. Now thinking economically this would be absurd!!!!! Right?:confused: I started to think about working on our CJ and how basically she is getting a fresh overhaul, from wires to basically every end component. We rebuilt the transfer case, cleaned the transmission up, replaced the starter, put a dual steering stabilizer on, started on the body, replacing the wiring, now I am stuck on the beast starting. I am just curious to know what others think about starting from square one or just fixing as you go, especially on older model vehicles.
Any input would be great
You seem to be at the point most of us start a full frame-off rebuild. :laugh:

Yea I've met that same gremlin a time or two myself. Replace this and that breaks...fix it and something else goes out. Pretty soon your chasing stuff that breaks faster than you can fix it!

Take your time, do it right, replace what needs to be replaced. Sometimes a loving tap with a hammer will convince a faulty part to straighten up and act right!
Other than that, these are 30-40 YO trucks that mostly have not had an easy life. Not too many vehicles have the life driven out of them, then get parked for 20 years before someone says "Hey lets pull that old rust bucket out of the barn and rebuild it!"

Good luck and enjoy the time getting to know your CJ!
It all comes down to one question. Are you going to keep it for the long run over many years? or just fool around with it and dump it for a new toy.
If you want to keep it, drive it, and enjoy it for years to come, then bite the bullit and do it right once. Honestly, when everything has been brought back to spec. a CJ is a pretty damn durable and trouble free vehicle. I have 12 years on my frame off, and have only had to replace a water pump for a cost of $18.00 Other than that, it runs like a Rolex!

If you just want to tinker with it, drive it once in a while, then sell it, then patch it up.
mine cause of money issues and we like to drive it we fix it as we go. when we get the money for tub and fenders then we are going to tear it down to the frame. are jeep isnt going nowhere cause it has been in her family seen it was about new. so it has the family value. but i like tinkering so it dont bug me.
I think this is the dilemma most of us are in the first time we decide to get a "classic" vehicle. However the learning curve is fast, and different for each person.
The answer lies in the question of, "Just how much am I willing to conquer?". And the best of talent we have. You will soon learn that most automotive rebuilds are not hard but require some special tools that can be rented. Owning them is a matter of if this is a project or a hobby. Sites such as this have many experienced guys who can walk you through a project. Plus there is a backlog of info you can find with that powerful bit of vodoo called SEARCH.
I myself as a rule of thumb rebuild what can be done with rebuild kits commercially available and replace that which means having to kitbash used parts together, I figure putting used parts with used parts equals a used part.
Anyway start small and soon your skills will grow and the question of what to rebuild or replacw will be a matter of both time and skill.
good luck
Well after getting an assessment and doing some foolin around we think that we have narrowed down the issue, and it looks like the carb needs some serious loving:( The float is shot and boy is she beat up:eek: Anyways, we have decided that we do plan on keeping her for a while, and are planning on doing the replacement project. All in all, I am looking at around $1600 approximately for doing the part replacement. Looking at alternator, carb, wire harness assembly, ignition coil, distributor w cap n rotor, starter solenoid, fuel regulator plus new fuel lines; hopefully we get started by the end of the month
Wiring harness:
PW10142 - 20 Circuit Weatherproof Chassis Harness for Jeep CJ2/CJ5 74 & Prior - PW10142
Willy's Jeep, Jeep cj5, cj3b, cj3a, cj2a, and mb complete wiring harness.

Autozone or upgrade: Delco Alternator Upgrades With Q & A

Skip the carb go with

As for the Distributor:
TFI ignition upgrade -
Upgrade the one you have of if you got TBI get a HEI setup and let the computer control timing.

Alot of your upgrades will depend on which fuel system you choose carb or TBI.

Me I'd go TBI, HEI, Electric fan/fuel pump, get the right alternator to support computer operation. See alternator link above it'll explain. But it has to do with the power output of the alternator and it being regulated.

I currently run a CS-130 alternator from a early 90's caddy it's 124amp.
Pulled it from a junk yard caddy and had a local autoelectric shop give it a once over.
I appreciate the links brockgrimes, very helpful:D I don't know if I am ready to upgrade to TBI or not, I guess it depends on how much do I want to spend....Anyways thanks for the helpful links, I will probably be using the one for the wiring harness, and I will half to brew on the fuel injection upgrade

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