Tornado air booster

A fool and his money were lucky to get to spend any time together in the first place.:D
A fool and his money were lucky to get to spend any time together in the first place.:D


I've seen products like this before for my 08 Si and everything i've read on put it kindly...they are garbage.
I think IO's saying to not waste your money.:D

And besides you'l need it later to actually fix your CJ
I personally put items like the Tornado and THE BLADE in the same category as Snake Oil!
In theory, the tornado should be able to atomize the fuel more efficiently. I mean the idea is sound, the more agitation the faster the fuel goes into a gas form and can be burned. However it has truly never been proved this product works.
I first saw it over 15 years ago and was intrigued with the idea. Researched it and decided that maybe I would wait till the thing had better testing. well I am still waiting.
I went from 13mpg to almost 30 and gained 13 hp!!!!! Just kidding :banana:, I wondered about these as well. And since I haven't seen them flying off the shelves I am also leary.
Here is some good reading for those curious enough to do some research:

Fuel saving gadgets - a professional engineer's view

For those not interested in some reading, the bottom line is that the device positioned above the throttle cannot possibly have any effect on combustion chamber swirl.....and the combustion chamber is where swirl works.

Save your money for other mods!

And FWIW, here is a link to the main page of the above linked site. Some really interesting reading about saving fuel.

Fuel saving - a professional engineer's view
Someone gave me one of these with a cone style filter that I ran on my 4.0 for a long time. The last time I did my smog check I pulled it out and didn't notice any difference. I still have it laying around if you are dying to try it out.

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