Transfer Case leak ?'s

Transfer Case leak ?'s


Delco PA
1986 CJ 7 AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l automatic transmission, Dana 300 transfer case.

Found a leak seemingly the front transfer case seal.


Manual claims it can be removed and replaced while on the vehicle. Anyone attemt this?? If so any insight as to what I can expect.

To support Transmission I can put a jack under, but what is the easiest way to support the transfercase when removing the plate?

Manual also claims I need a puller. If you did this what did you use to pull the yoke.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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What transfer case? What year Jeep? (Hint: fill out profile information and it is displayed under your name and in your 'about me' location.)

I'm going to assume it's post 76 jeep that has the trans mount and skid plate combined.

If it's just the front yoke seal, I don't see why it can't be replaced in the vehicle. Just support the engine / trans (put a jack under the tailshaft) pull trans mount, then the front drive shaft, remove the nut, remove the yoke and change the seal. I was able to tap the yokes of my transfer case with a ball peen hammer. Biggest problem you may have is getting the seal out and also torquing the yoke nut. A Dana 20 is 175 foot pounds.
Cjs post said he used a ball peen hammer to tap the Yokes off. His is a Dana 20 . If your Dana 300 is like mine behind the manual , its hard to get it to balance right with a jack or stand and what have you. The Dana 300 is relatively light ( t-case wise ) so I just drained mine and took it out. When I was done with it I had a friend help me get it under the Jeep while I was on my back and just muscled it up there.
Just as Petescj said, I just put a little shock to the yoke and it was easy to remove. I have seen may that did require a puller - I just fabbed one up though - I never used a 'yoke puller'.

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