Transfer case mounting

Transfer case mounting


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1979 Jeep CJ5 with '72 304 V8, MC2100carb,T150 trans, AMC20 rear diff with locker, Dana 30 front diff, Dana 20 Tr Case, Procomp Springs, Gabriel Ultra shocks.
Is there any reason that I shouldn't use bolts instead of studs where the transfer case attaches to the skid plate? Also, the stabilizer bushings have too much space so they aren't snug against the torque arm. What is the best solution? I've searched through the site and found where people have shimmed them with washers, used a combination of bushings or trimmed them down and shimmed with washers. No one has said what worked over the long haul. Any help would be appreciated.
The transmission bolts to the skid plate and the transfer case bolts to the trasmission only. My transmission is bolted with bolts to the skid plate. The two bushings on the torque arm are supposed to have a small gap for some movement of the torque arm. Mine has maybe a 1/2 in on both the top and bottom.

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