transfer case removal

transfer case removal


Old Time Jeeper
1999 TJ, 1976 CJ-5 2 seater
ok so can only find 5 bolts to remove t-case (Dana 20 I believe)if this is correct then why will it not come off? guessing it will take a little convincing! this is on my 76 CJ5
You probably will have to pry it loose. There should be a gasket in between and my guess that is what is holding it in.
Thanks Purple, thats what I did and yup she is out. got the pans off and other than being dirty all gears look like brand new (little to no wear on gear teeth). I think a good cleaning and gasket/seal kit is in order and she is ready to go. So what would be a good auto for replacing the manual?, any opinions?.
If I were to put in an auto tranny I thought a 700R4 would work, but I don't know that much about auto tranny's.

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