transmission and t-case fluids

transmission and t-case fluids


silver lake michigan
1978 cj7 304 1/2 ton axles 3 speed manual
how much gear lube goes in a T-150 tranny and a Dana 20 t-case???

do they share fluids???

and any pictures of the fill holes would be nice on the t-case

to the bottom of the fill hole
let me look for a illustration online

well on my D18 it is on one of the skinny sides, but I look at pictures of the Dana 20 online and that is not the place, so I give this one up to someone who has that case currently
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Should be on the rear, I'll see if I have a picture.
Rear top right/passenger side corner.
It's the square thing next to the 2 caps on the back, you can kinda see it in this picture.
It's the square looking plug right above the blue towel, on the left in this pic.

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they don't share oil as there is a seal at the rear of the T-150 to prevent that.
They can leak, and some guys don't use it, or don't know about it.
It can cause the transmission to run low and fail as the oil all goes into the transfer case.
So after you drain and refill, check your transmission oil level to make sure it stays constant.
I have read they do, and they do not, I think it is a matter of year.
Many early cases shred oil, I do not know why, but this is the reason they are known for "seeping". Something that irritates the hell out of me, but I cannot do anything about. The Dana 20 case, which as first seen in the D18 as a upgraded case to take the torque of bigger engines was originally designed to share oil with the tranny.
well thanks everyone for the info i have them back to gether and no leaking yayyy!!!

im sure ill have more problems down the line thanks again:chug:
Between the gasket and thread seal on some bolts they won't share.
Trust me I rebuilt mine and fixed the problem but using thread sealer on the bolt threads.

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