Transmission crossmember

Transmission crossmember


Ames, IA
1975 CJ5, Basically stock except for electronic ignition.
I wanted to put this in the "Wanted" forum, but sadly I don't have ten posts yet. I was crawling around under my CJ5 and looking at how much work it is going to be to pull the engine, transmission, and transfer case this winter. I was looking at the crossmember that supports the transmission and noticed that mine is pretty rusty. Looks like it should probably be replaced. Does anyone know where to find one? I looked in all the catalogs that I have, searched the internet, and came up with nothing. Thanks.
You may need to go with a used one. They are a thick steel how bad is the rust on yours?
You may need to go with a used one. They are a thick steel how bad is the rust on yours?
A used one would be fine. It is not rusted to the point that it is not solid, but it is starting to eat away at between where it bolts to the frame. I took my finger and pulled a little rusted metal out. I could probably get the rust ground out of there and a little piece of metal welded in, but I would just rather find one that isn't rusty.

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