Transmission Skid Plate?

Transmission Skid Plate?


Charleston, SC
1986 Jeep CJ7. I6 4.2L. 4 speed T176. Dana 300 transfer case.
I just successfully changed out my engine and transmission from a 4 cylinder with a T-4 to an in-line 6 with a T-176 . Now I'm having trouble with the transmission skid plate not lining up with any of the holes on the frame and transmission at the same time. I want to know: am I supposed to have a different skid plate or is it just a puzzle i have to solve?
Are you using the T-176 crossmember or the original T-4 /5 crossmember?
the T-4 crossmember. I bought the T-176 from a guy and I didn't think to ask about what he had on his jeep. Are they 2 different pieces? I've done some searching and its still 50/50. some people say they're 2 completely different pieces and some say its the same and that you just have to look at it a different way.
If I am understanding the issue correctly, when i look on Novak's page, it appears the T-176 is 2.35" shorter overall than the T-4 with the rear housing... But the I6 his longer than the old 4 cyl (I'm assuming), but not by an equal amount, so I would "assume" the mount would need relocation from original holes...

:confused: but i may have missed the entire point of the post :cool: not very "alert" today.

Here's the info i gathered... In case it helps...

The Borg-Warner T4 & T5 Jeep Transmissions - Novak Conversions

The Tremec T176, T177 & T178 Jeep Transmissions - Novak Conversions

Sorry not much help...


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