Transmission won't engage when in gear

Transmission won't engage when in gear


Pensacola, FL
1982 CJ8 with stock 258 (Mileage Unknown... atleast 120,000)
T-176 Tranny
This question highlights how little I know about the drivetrain...
I'm restoring my '82 CJ with stock AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l and T-176 tranny. I'm messing with everything except the engine and tranny right now because they were fine when I started the process. I have taken all the clutch linkage off though. I kept blocks behind the wheels to be safe, but always kept the tranny in gear to keep the jeep from moving, and it worked fine. But now, all of a sudden it doesn't work. Keeping the tranny in gear doesn't keep the driveshafts from moving. Of course I hope this problem straightens itself out when I put the linkage and everything back in, but I'm assuming it won't... let me hear the bad news:censored:

Thanks for the help. Hopefully this pic will show what I'm working with
sounds an awful lot like the transfer case is in nuetral

I'm an idiot. And you guys are the geniuses. That was it, thanks for the help. And by the way, I'm very impressed with how fast you responded! :chug:
That happens to people quit a bit.:chug:

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